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The Holy Scriptures predict the future with 100 percent accuracy.  The prophetic writings in the Sacred Scriptures are astonishing in its every detail.  The Holy Scriptures reveals its most detailed prophecies in its description of Mideast nations before and during the period known as “The Day of the Lord”.  The Day of the Lord describes the seven year Tribulation when God takes time to inflict 21 judgments (Revelation chapters 6 to 19) on the nations seeking to divide and destroy Israel before Messiah Yeshua returns to Earth where He establishes His 1000 year Kingdom. Analysis of the prophetic writings found in Psalm 83, Obadiah 1:15-21, Isaiah 17:1 and 24, Ezekiel 38 and 39, Zachariah 9, Daniel 11, and Revelation 19 reveals the biblical prophets wrote about three major wars in the Mideast, which will occur within the near future.  Each conflict is progressive and the wars become larger in scope, until all nations participate in the final global confrontation.


The first war is described in Psalm 83, Obadiah 1:15-21, and Isaiah 17:1. The conflict involves the Arab nations immediately surrounding the State of Israel. These nations will be completely destroyed with nuclear weapons of mass destruction (WMD).  This will be God’s judgment against militant Islam directly surrounding Israel, which is described as Esau’s house in the writings of Obadiah and elsewhere.  According to the Holy Scriptures, the countries directly surrounding Israel will be destroyed in such a way that they are uninhabitable.  This war will result in destroyed countries to the north, south, and east of Israel.  The nations destroyed are:  Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan,  and portions of Saudi Arabia.   This Mideast region will become impassible due to nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons utilization.  The regions’ soil will become poisoned and nothing will live or grow there for generations. Portions of the Mideast will be on fire following the war.


The second war is described primarily in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, although there are other biblical passages that refer to this conflict.  In Ezekiel chapters 36 and 37, the prophet describes Israel’s national rebirth, which was fulfilled in 1948.  Later, the prophet describes this horrific battle in much detail.   The prophet wrote about this coming war around 2600 years ago.  Ezekiel lists a coalition of nations, which include Turkey, Iran, Libya, Ethiopia, portions of Eastern Europe, and other mystery nations.

The prophet does not mention the nations directly bordering Israel (These countries are: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria) because they were all destroyed in the first war.  The remaining nations invade Israel from the north.  The destruction from this war is much greater in scope than the first war.  The destruction of the Arab nations during the first war inspired an international response for the second major war.  This will be a planned retaliatory attack against Israel.  Ezekiel identifies Russia as the chief nation among other countries coming against Israel in this war. Russia has historically been an anti-Jewish nation. It has persecuted Jews for generations.

Many biblical eschatologists often refer to this second conflict as the Gog and Magog War.  Gog is the title of a demonic spirit being. The beings title means “chief prince” and this power rules over the region of Moscow and Tobolsk.  This being is always associated with practice and beliefs in paganism, atheism, and agnosticism.  This spirit being controls the geographic region called “the land of the north”; the land of Magog, Meshech, and Tubal.  This clearly is modern Russia through its ancient tribal ancestors and its geography.

As stated earlier, Russia is not alone in its planned invasion of Israel from the north because Ezekiel identifies a coalition of nations joining Russia to attack Israel.  The prophet Ezekiel mentions Persia, which is modern day Iran. Today, Iran’s leadership wants to wipe Israel off the map.  The Ezekiel refers to Ethiopia as the land south of Egypt.  Today this includes: Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia.  The Sudan and Somalia are both Islamic nations.  Terrorism analysts recognize Sudan as a terrorist state that hates Israel.  Ethiopia has a large Islamic population that hates Israel.  Sudan and Somalia are a natural fit for a Russian led confederated of nations against Israel.  Ezekiel mentions ancient Libya. Today this includes: Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.  ALL of these nations are Islamic and they hate Christians and Jews.  Ezekiel identified Togarmah as a country north of Israel.  This is modern-day Turkey, which is nearly 100 percent Muslim.  Turkey will someday line up with Russia.  Finally, the name Gomer is mentioned as taking part in this conflict.  Gomer describes Germany and Eastern European nations. Germany and many eastern Europeans still hate the Jewish people. When the Russian led coalition of nations attack Israel, the God of heaven will use His weapons of earthquakes, hailstones, and confusion to defeat the Russian led armies of Gog and Magog.  Today, America is delaying such a war from happening.  For this second war to occur, America has to be weakened and removed from the Mideast.  When America departs the Mideast region, Russia and Iran will become the dominant force in a power vacuum created by America’s absence.


The third war is primarily described in Revelation chapter 19, Zachariah 9, and Daniel chapters 2, 7, and 11, which involves the Anti-Messiah’s Army against  and a massive coalition of other nations. The Anti-Messiah’s Army will comprise Middle Eastern nations and his forces will fight against China,India, and other nations for control of Israel and the Mideast regions. Biblical eschatologists called this conflict the final war of Armageddon.  This is the final struggle between good and evil when Messiah Yeshua returns to Earth.  In this battle, God supernaturally destroys the largest fielded army in military history.  This battle concludes mankind’s violent and bloody rule over the nations.  Armageddon is the third and final attempt to destroy Israel and take Jerusalem.   In the previous battles, there is no biblical evidence that any army overrun Jerusalem. However, during this final battle, a vast army invades the Mideast from Asia.  All of Asia is at this battle, along with the other nations of the world.  This army from Asia numbers 200 million soldiers. This army will cross the dried up Euphrates river, but before it does, it proliferates into other nations and kills a third of mankind that is still alive during this global war.  Like the previous battle of Magog, this army meets its doom on the mountains of Israel.

This massive army floods the Megiddo valley before it reaches Jerusalem.  This military force nearly annihilates Israel and Jerusalem before God obliterates the army. Messiah Yeshua’s direct interference halts this army’s campaign.  This is the moment of His amazing second coming.  He personally finishes the armies gat

hered for Armageddon and defends His covenant land and people.   According to the prophet Zechariah,  Yeshua stands in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives.  There is a massive earthquake that splits the mountain. Yeshua is in His full glory. His glory devastates this invading army.  Finally, the nation of Israel embraces its only true Messiah. During this time, Yeshua begins His Messianic reign for 1,000 years of peace, joy, and perfection in heaven and on Earth.


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