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The bible code appears to show that Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Reactor will be destroyed within the near future.  The Iranian Bushehr Nuclear Reactor has a long history, beginning in 1975, during the reign of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, when its construction was begun. During the Iran Iraq war, 1980-1988, the facility, not completed, was bombed. In 1995 , Iran and Russia signed a contract for the construction of a new reactor facility at Bushehr. That contract came to completion in August 21, 2010 when Russia delivered to Iran 80 tons of Uranium for the reactor and the transfer of the Uranium into the reactor facility was begun.

From Real Bible Codes: The problem with Iran is not its nuclear reactor, but its motivation, its vitriolic talk, its belligerent actions, its sponsorship of terrorism, and its idea that the Iran should lead the Islamic world into a messianic End of Time apocalyptic war against Israel and the Western powers. In short, Iran is neither a peace loving or peace promoting country. Since the overthrow of the Shah in 1979, the revolutionary regime has pursued aggressive bullying and destabilizing policies in the Middle East in its attempt to gain a domineering and leadership role. It has been one of the main state sponsors of terrorist activities.

From Real Bible Codes: The U.S. State Department says Iran is the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism. U.S. officials say Iran continues to provide funding, weapons, training, and sanctuary to numerous terrorist groups based in the Middle East and elsewhere, posing a security concern to the international community. Iran’s declarations that it has successfully enriched uranium and developed new missile technology have heightened alarm in the United States and a growing number of other states. Iran asserts its rights under an international treaty to pursue nuclear power and that it is only interested in nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. But it has faced growing sanctions, through the UN Security Council as well as international financial bodies, out of concern over its motives.

Analysis of equidistant letter spacing bible codes found in the Book of Ezekiel revealed the Hebrew words for Iran, Elam, Brusher, atomic, nuclear, missiles, destroy, Israel, war, radiation, and death. The bible codes were as large as negative 6,064 and as small as positive 1. The ELS codes were all in close proximity, which is usually an indication of a statistically significant code.  In other words, the bible codes appear to say that there will be an Israeli strike on the Bushehr nuclear facility by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in the region of Elam located within southern Iran. This strike will trigger a Mideast war where tactical nuclear weapons will be employed against Israel’s enemies.


According to few biblical eschatologists, Elam, with other rebellious nations, would eventually experience the cup of God’s wrath (Jeremiah 25:15-26). Even its world-renowned archers would prove no match for the Lord of hosts (Isaiah 22:6-12; Jeremiah 49:35; Ezekiel 32:24). Ezekiel’s lament over Elam illustrates the horror of Elam’s destruction (32:24-25). Jeremiah warns the Elamites that they cannot escape the judgment of God. That was made certain by the presence of his throne among them (Jeremiah 49:38).


Elam is an ancient geographical region mentioned in the God’s Holy Scriptures. Its present location would be in Iran with a portion in Iraq. It has bordered with the ancient Babylonian Empire. Elam’s actual location would be in the Persian Gulf’s northern end and along Iran’s western coast. Ancient Elam’s main sections would include the Bushehr Province with the Bushehr capital city. Persian Gulf map analysis indicates that Bushehr would be directly across from Kuwait.

Bushehr is very significant today.  It is the location of Iran’s nuclear facility and it has the attention of the globe. Therefore, the physical location of ancient Elam is critical to understand the eschatology for Iran. Many people fear that Iran will use this plant to build nuclear weapons for the Israel’s destruction and Middle East domination. Israel has stated that it will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power, and it is very possible Israel will attack Iran to destroy Bushehr’s nuclear complex. The Third World War could begin over the Bushehr nuclear power facility. This situation explains why ancient Elam has become a focal point in dealing with Israel and why it fits into God’s prophetic plan.


Today Elam (Iran) is Israel’s fierce enemy and it wants to wipe Israel off the map. A nuclear reactor sits in Elam (Iran) simply for the purpose of destroying Israel. Elam is Israel’s most dangerous e

nemy. Elam (Iran) is also the center of Shiite Islam which wants to conquer the world for Allah. It is the center of belief in the Mahdi who the Shiite Muslims believe will lead Islam to conquer the world. Elam can be viewed as the number one enemy of Israel’s God.  Shiite Islam led by Elam (Iran) is about to violently collide with God’s End-Time prophetic plan as stated in the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, God will use the IDF to execute his judgment on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

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