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Today many eschatology experts are discussing the blood moons of history and how they relate to biblical prophecy and the feast days describe in the Book of Leviticus. There will be several blood moons in the 21st century and all will occur on Jewish feast days. The first tetrad of blood moons will occur in 2014 and 2015. The second tetrad of blood moons will happen in 2032 and 2033. The third tetrad of blood moons will happen in 2043 and 2044. And the fourth tetrad of blood moons will occur in 2061 and 2062, according to astronomer and physicist Barry Setterfield.

The blood moons in the heavens signify several things. First, they mean wars will be coming to Israel to destroy it before the Jubilee of Jerusalem. Second, they mean the end of the times of the Gentiles and the age of Grace. Third, they signal the beginning of Jacob’s trouble and the seven years of Tribulation. And fourth, they signal that the Day of the LORD is beginning. There are four phases of the withdrawal of protection and grace from the Earth. These four phases coincide directly with the four appearances of the blood moons. There will be judgments during and after each one as they appear and then there will be a respite of grace and a harvest of souls after each one. Each of these four moons will bring worse judgments upon the earth. Israel and the nations will go into travail of the terrible darkness covering the Earth, according to eschatology expert, Dr. Maurice Sklar.


An eclipse is the passage of all or part of one celestial body into the shadow of another, which is the eclipsing body. A complete lunar eclipse can make the moon appear red, orange, or a blood red color.  When an eclipse causing the moon to appear red occurs during an Israeli feast day, this astronomical event is referred to as a “blood moon,” partly because of the blood sacrifices that these feasts often include.  The lunar and solar eclipses in history can be accurately predicted and charted in the past.  Analysis of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) eclipse website show a complete lunar and solar eclipse data for the past 5,000 years.

An episode that is now infrequent astronomically is for four complete lunar eclipses to happen in sequence. Frequently partial eclipses occur between complete lunar eclipses. Even more extraordinary is for such a tetrad of lunar eclipses to happen on Jewish feast days, therefore obtaining the term ‘blood moons.’ This lunar tetrad event on Jewish feast days will occur four times in 21st century beginning with the first in 2014 and 2015. The tetrad event occurred twice in the 20th century: in 1949 and 1950, then in 1967 and 1968. During these tetrad events, the four total lunar eclipses occurred in sequence on the Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles two years in a row. The dates were 13th April and 7th October, 1949 and 2nd April and 26th September 1950. The second tetrad occurred on 24th April and 18th October, 1967; then 13th April and 6th October, 1968. The first tetrad of lunar eclipses in the 20th century occurred after Israel became a nation on 14 May 1948, and the second tetrad surrounded the return of the Old City of Jerusalem to Jewish control on 7 June 1967.


Complete solar eclipses are not common. In 1967, there were two complete solar eclipses on 9th of May and 2nd of November. When solar events like this are interconnected with complete lunar eclipse tetrads, the probability of this occurring is highly unlikely. Messiah Yeshua is probably calling believers to pay attention to the significant events in His divine timetable related to the nation of Israel, which occurred that year. There is something similar for Israel’s formation in 1948. On 20 May 1947 there was a complete solar eclipse, with the next eclipse being annular. An annular eclipse is fundamentally the same as a complete solar eclipse except for a very small ring of light from the Sun around the Moon’s outside edges, which is hindering some of the sunlight. This annular eclipse occurred on 12 November 1947. Then in 1948 there was another annular eclipse on 9 May, just before Israel’s rebirth, with another complete solar eclipse on 1 November 1948.

The tetrad occurring in 21st century begins on Passover 15 April 2014, followed by Tabernacles on 8 October 2014; then Passover 4 April 2015 and finally on Tabernacles 28 September 2015. The first Solar eclipse occurs on 1 Nisan (20 March) 2015, and is complete. The second is on Rosh Hashana (14 September) 2015, and is partial. Therefore there are significant astronomical events in September 2015 with a incomplete solar eclipse for Rosh Hashana just a few days before the day of Atonement on 23 September, and followed a few days after by a complete lunar eclipse on the Feast Of Tabernacles.

When we travel backwards in time, we see no lunar eclipse tetrads in the 1800’s or the 1700’s or the 1600’s, though there were some related events in the 1500s. As we travel further back in time, the only complete lunar eclipses associated with Jewish feasts were 2 April 1493 (Passover), 25 September, 1493 (Tabernacles) followed by total lunar eclipses on 22nd March 1494 (Passover) and 15th September 1494 (Tabernacles). This tetrad may well be associated with the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492. On July 30th of that year, the community of many thousands of Jews was forcibly expelled, or forced to convert to Catholicism, or killed. Many thousands of Jewish refugees died in the process. The head of the Spanish Inquisition, Father Tomas de Torquemada, was the architect and engineer of this evil.

From 1491 to 1493, there were eight solar eclipses related to the Jewish expulsion from Spain. The sequence began with an annular eclipse on 8 May 1491, followed by a complete eclipse on 2nd of November that same year. These were just a few months prior to the Jewish expulsion order being made public. Then in 1492 the annular eclipse occurred on 26 April and 21st October. In 1493 a complete eclipse happened on 16 April and a partial eclipse on 10th of October. In 1494 a complete solar eclipse happened on 7th of March, with a partial eclipse on 30th of August. These solar eclipses in 1493 and 1494 were related to the tetrad of complete lunar eclipses that happened in those years.

These reasons reveal why many biblical eschatology experts are wondering if there will not also be some significant event or series of events primarily concerned with Israel, or perhaps the entire world, near the time of the coming tetrads in 2014 and 2015, 2032 and 2033, 2043 and 2044, and 2061 and 2062 .  A few biblical eschatology experts believe the Middle East wars described in Psalm 83, Obadiah 1:15-21, and Isaiah 17:1 will correspond with the blood moon tetrads in the year 2014 and 2015 or shortly after these tetrads. The tetrads in 2032 and 2033 are probably associated with the Rapture of Messiah’s Church (Thessalonians 14:16-17 and 1 Corinthians 15:50-55) and the Gog and Magog wars described in Ezekiel 38 and 39. The tetrads of 2043 and 2044 are probably related to the Anti-Messiah’s rise to power and his wicked rule over the Earth (Revelation 6 to 19 and Daniel 10, 11, and 12). And the year 2061 and 2062 will associated with the end of the seven year tribulation and Messiah Yeshua’s return to Earth.  Sir Isaac Newton believed that Messiah Yeshua will most likely return in the year 2060 or shortly before.


Messiah Yeshua said no man would know the day or the hour of His co

ming (Matthew 24:36). However, if we check the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures, we will find passages describing blood moons and solar eclipses occurring just before the Day of the Lord. Some of the passages are found in  Joel 2:31, Revelation 6:12, and Acts 2:20. Analysis of the Hebrew Scriptures reveal that believers can know the approximate timeframe of when the major prophetic events will occur by studying the blood moons, solar eclipses, and the biblical feast days of the Holy Scriptures.

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