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The Nephilim were here on Earth. Hundreds of excavated graves scattered throughout the world provide evidence of their genetic abomination and the product of the breeding of heavenly angels with the women of Earth during the Days of Noah. These ancient builders left behind evidence of their supernatural strength and technological know-how. Their massive, megalithic structures are legendary and evidence of Nephilim architecture abounds worldwide and even in the United States of America, according to author and Nephilim researcher L.A. Marzulli and others.


The Nephilim originate from inter-dimensional beings that operate within our space-time dimensions and the other dimensions existing beyond our physical universe. They are highly malevolent, pernicious, and evil beings with a nefarious agenda. The Book of Genesis (Genesis 6:4) says the sons of God (the fallen angels) saw the daughters of men and chose for themselves wives and their sexual union with human females produced hybrid warriors called Nephilims. Some of these Nephilim were gigantic (8 to 12 feet tall on average) and some of them had elongated skulls. However, many Nephilim remains show that some of them were smaller in physical size (5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet tall) with elongated skulls.


Messiah Yeshua says that “as it was during the days of Noah, so will it be when the son of man returns” (Matthew 24:37). Yeshua was signaling the days of Noah to this final generation because he was comparing it with the generation of Noah. In Noah’s day, the fallen angels openly revealed themselves to the human inhabitants on the pre-flood Earth. A few biblical eschatology experts believe the fallen angels will do the same again within the near future when the Church has departed from Earth in the Rapture Event (1-Thessalonians 4:16 and 1-corinthians 15:51-55). Between the Rapture of Messiah’s Church and the Revelation of Yeshua, the entire world will be like the Days of Noah. This means that fallen angels will have sexual relations with the human females again, and thus producing a new generation of Nephilim hybrids.

The Most High God of the universe is at war with the fallen angels and God never shows mercy to these fallen angels and their offspring because of their extreme evil nature. The Nephilim are created in the image of Satan and his fallen angelic followers and they have a satanic compulsion to destroy all things reminding them of God almighty. A few eschatology experts believe that the reason why God showed no mercy to the Canaanites and the people living in Sodom and Gomorrah was because these populations were decorated with Nephilim hybrids. If the Nephilim were among these populations, then the mandate is always to wipe them out before they corrupt their surrounding neighbors. Many of these Nephilim civilizations practice sexual immorality, sexual violence, and human sacrifices to fallen angels.


There are old newspaper articles from the 1800s and 1900s about Nephilim hybrids. A few experts believe that the Nephilim occupied North America because around 150 years ago when settlers pushed westward they found burial mounds. And at first, investigators thought these were Native Americans. However, when they would dig into these mounds and they would find the remains of large people about 8 to 11 feet tall and some of the people had six fingers, double rows of teeth, and copper ornaments. Many of these people had dark reddish-brown hair.

These tall people appear physically different from indigenous Native Americans. According to First Nation Native Americans, there was a population of gigantic people that predated them. They were here when they arrived.  Many Paiute tribal elders say that there were cannibal giants occupying the land when they arrived. These people were very large and the Paiute would fight against these giants, following a great battle, the Paiute warriors herded them into a cave before they set the mouth of the cave on fire, and they completely wiped out that tribe of giants. This cave can be found today.


The Smithsonian Institute has been covering up information related to the Nephilim presence in North America and elsewhere for many years. Nephilim researchers have discovered case after case of gigantic people about 8 to 12 feet tall that lived in North America. However, when the Smithsonian investigators arrive on the scene, they simply confiscate the bones, and they put them in crates, and the bones of these giants are carried away never to be seen again. The Smithsonian commits this crime against history and humanity because its leadership adheres to a Darwinian paradigm, the evolutionary worldview. Because they believe in Darwinism, anything that comes up against that paradigm, anything that comes up against it must be put aside, dumbed down, and just completely cleared off the table. The presence of Nephilim hybrids goes against Darwinism because people with gigantic elongated cranial capacity of 18 CC and greater should not live in North America for centuries before the arrival of Native Americans and Europeans. Where did these people come from?

The Nephilim do not appear to have arrived by Beringia Land Bridge when during the Ice Age, the Native American populations came across the Bering Strait. These people probably came from the Middle East. A few biblical experts believe the tribes in North American and in South American are the remnants of the Nephilim tribes that Joshua and Caleb pushed out of the Promised Land when they conquered it around 3500 years ago. As the Israelite warriors begin to move in to the Promised Land, the Nephilim giants would see what is happening to their people and that the Israelites, with God’s help, are annihilating all the Nephilim tribes. Some of Amorites, Perrizzites, and other Nephilim tribes flee northward. Some of them flee across the Atlantic Ocean.  The works of Thor Heyerdahl for instance prove that you could sail just on the water currents from Egypt and the Atlantic and wind up in South America.


While some Nephilim skulls appear human looking, some skulls are elongated and strange in appearance. A normal human skull consists of three main bone plates: the frontal plate, which ends at the upper part of the forehead, and the two parietal plates which lie behind this, intersecting the frontal plate making a “T” shape. What we notice in Nephilim skulls are their frontal plates are greatly enlarged, and they have strange ridge bones, and they have one parietal plate where there should be two parietal plates. The male Nephilim skulls are larger much more robust than females. The hair on many of these skulls is red, sort of a reddish auburn in color. Many skulls were found that still exist in Ica, Peru, and Merida, Mexico. They have a brain cavity area ranging from 2200 CC to 3200 CC. Modern humans average 1450 CC in size with the largest human skull to date at 1980 CC. All these skulls have Neanderthal (post-flood humans) characteristics. They are huge in size and come from an unknown species according to science.  In fact according to science they do not exist at all but for the fact that they are view-able today.


Megalithic architecture describes ancient stonework constructed from very large blocks of stone. And we see them all over the world. A few eschatology and biblical experts believe that there were Nephilim hybrids that were giants in mathematics, science, engineering, and strange technologies in antiquity. They were responsible for building the Egyptian pyramids and the pyramids in civilizations in Central and South America. Many depictions of Nephilim hybrids are found among the illustrations and drawings of the ancient Egyptians. We see some Egyptian rulers in antiquity with elongated skulls. In Egypt, the Nephilim had developed machines that used electricity and they were doing experiments on flying machines, and underwater vessels. They employed the technology of sound to move gigantic stones that weighed tons. They had developed concrete for building the first pyramid with the help of Imhotep the great Egyptian builder and engineer. The Nephilim probably constructed the Stonehenge circle monument in Wiltshire, England.


There is an alternate “gospel” gaining in intensity in the world today. Many biblical eschatology experts call it the Alien Gospel.  Through their research they have found evidence of an “alien conspiracy” merged with the Darwinism philosophy. These “aliens” (fallen angels) will return invoking the Great Deception, claiming they were the ones who seeded life and that they are the alien messiah. They probably will offer two things: free energy and a DNA “upgrade.” Many will be deceived, but the truth behind this lie is that there are no aliens. Some eschatology experts are convinced that these “aliens” are the return of the fallen angels that produced the Nephilim. They will  be the same Nephilim that were destroyed during the Days of Noah.

In the Days of Noah, fallen angels descended and mixed with human women producing Nephilim as their offspring. These same fallen angels shared the technology of heaven with primitive man and the Nephilim. This is why we have megalithic structures on Earth that can conduct electricity, tell astronomical events, and when viewed from the air, link together, in a type of ancient GPS, just as it was in the Days of Noah. This will happen again when the fallen angels return. The Mark of the Beast referred to in the book of Revelation is probably a DNA “upgrade” that the fallen angels will offer to a deceived humanity.

Many Christians understand that the mark will be taken in the right hand or forehead and will give one the ability to buy and trade, but there is more to this picture. This mark will give one the ability to resist disease and lead to an unnatural lifespan of 500 and more years. Men and women will seek death, but will not be unable to find it. Grievous sores will ap

pear on their bodies and, in the end, they will end up  in the lake of fire. Why? Because, taking a mark that “upgrades” your DNA will gradually stransform your DNA, through fallen angel technology, into that of a modern day Nephilim.


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