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The Day of the Lord is fast approaching. There is a supernatural connection between America and Israel. The End-Times prophecies are being played out before our eyes. God has been sending warning judgments when America pressures Israel to surrender her land for so-called peace. These warnings include devastating hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and more. The book of Obadiah reveals prophecies about nations being judged for their treatment of Israel as the Day of the Lord approaches, according to eschatology expert Dr. John Mc Ternan and others.


On 11 October 1987, we saw the turning point in God’s dealing with America. Sin began to openly manifesting itself, and God’s judgment on the America was matching it. There have been correlations between national sin and the greatest disasters in history hitting America. These disasters included Hurricane Andrew, the Northridge Earthquake, the attack on 11 September 2001, Hurricane Katrina, the stock market crash of 2008, and the massive Joplin tornado storm. All these events and many more happened while America was promoting the dividing of Israel, abortion or the homosexual agenda. God’s judgments, which began in the late 1980s, paralleled America’s rebellion and its turning from God to sin.

God next touched the abortion rebellion. On 15 October 1989, a huge pro-abortion rally took place in San Francisco. The San Francisco Chronicle reported: “Marching to a pounding drum and chanting, ‘Hear our voice we’re pro-choice,’ yesterday’s crowd gathered at City Hall after passing cheering supporters lined up along Market Street.” The center of the rally was City Hall where many pro-abortion politicians addressed the crowd. Just two days after this festive rally, celebrating the killing of innocent children in the womb, a powerful 7.1 earthquake struck near San Francisco. This quake actually hit during a World Series baseball game. The San Francisco Chronicle, reporting on the effect of the quake, said that City Hall was shaken so terribly that people fled the building screaming in terror. The very center of the festive, pro-abortion rally became, just two days later, a center of terror and fear.

God then touched America for trying to divide the land of Israel.  On 30 October 1991, President George H.W. Bush initiated the Madrid Peace Process. The object was for Israel to divide its land to create a Palestinian state in return for peace. This is a very serious violation of God’s Word about the land. On this very day, a super powerful storm in the North Atlantic came against the normal weather patterns and battered the East Coast. It became known as the Perfect Storm. This storm sent 30-foot waves against the President’s home in Kennebunkport, ME, and inflicted serious damage.

God was using catastrophic events to warn the nation of the collision course that it was on with His holiness. God always warns before judgment. God used Noah to warn for 120 years before the judgment. He used the prophets for 200 years before He judged the ancient Jewish people. Messiah Yeshua warned Israel of the coming destruction 40 years before it happened. Now once again, God was warning a nation before the final judgment. The warnings were directed at His people to repent before Him and cry out for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the church and nation. So far, very few in the church are listening.


When two national rebellious events occur simultaneously, the judgment becomes catastrophic. Hurricane Katrina is a prime example. To date, this hurricane has been the greatest natural disaster to hit America. Hurricane Katrina hit right around the time that America was forcing Israel to divide its land and at the time of a national homosexual event in New Orleans called Southern Decadence.

In 2005, President George W. Bush had pressured Israel to unilaterally pull out of 25 settlements, most of which were in Gaza. The last Israeli left Gaza on the 23rd of August, which was the very day that Katrina became a hurricane. A few days later on 28th of August, it slammed into New Orleans as a Category 3 hurricane and did catastrophic damage to the Gulf Coast. This was the same week as Southern Decadence, when up to 150,000 homosexuals flocked to New Orleans for real decadence in the streets. The homosexual event had to be cancelled.

Exactly seven years later to the day on 28 August 2012, Hurricane Isaac slammed into New Orleans during Southern Decadence. The hurricane caused tremendous damage to the area and cancelled Southern Decadence for several days. The homosexuals vowed to continue even with all the destruction around the city. The God of Israel has issued two clear warnings to New Orleans and America about open manifestations of homosexuality and rebellion in the cities of America. The sin of America, just like Sodom, now has the attention of the Lord, as it is offending His holiness. He is warning His church to pay attention.

In May 2011, God gave perhaps His clearest warning to America about dividing the land of Israel and touching Jerusalem. On May 19th and 22nd, President Barack Obama gave speeches outlining the United States policy regarding the borders of Israel. The position was that Israel had to pull back to its pre-1967 borders. This meant making Israel defenseless and dividing Jerusalem. During the 19th of May speech, there was record flooding as the Mississippi River overflowed its banks and flooded millions of acres of farmland. On 22nd of May, President Obama again made the same speech and a mere seven hours after this speech Joplin, Missouri was struck by a tornado that destroyed much of the city. It actually cut the city in half just as President Obama was trying to isolate Israel.

Obama told Israel that it was on its own in fighting Iran. This was after the President had publicly stated many times that he would always be there to defend Israel. On September 11th, he also refused to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when Netanyahu came to the United States. He abandoned Israel and then humiliated the Prime Minister. On this day Muslim terrorists attacked the U.S. Embassy in Egypt and consulate in Libya killing the ambassador to Libya and also destroying the U.S. compound. In Egypt they overran the Embassy and tore down the American flag replacing it with the Muslim Brotherhood flag and shouting, “Allah Akbar.” On the same day, Moody’s threatened to downgrade the U.S. credit rating very soon if the national debt was not brought under control. On the very day that President Obama turned his back on Israel the U.S. was attacked by Muslim terrorists who killed the U.S. ambassador. This is a perfect example showing that what America does to Israel comes directly back on America. This one was to the same day.


These past judgments show that each presidential election has enormous consequences since the President’s treatment of Israel can bring a blessing or curse on the nation. According to Dr. John Mc Ternan, when American Presidents pursue policies that divide Israel, promote sexual immorality, and facilitate abortions, then their acti

ons brings direct  judgment on the United States of America. Americans have been electing such Presidents and the nation has suffered from the curses. God is holy and we must walk in the fear of Him. This means we must realize that He will destroy America for the road of rebellion the nation is on. Because the Most High God never changes, we must change. Our only hope is to intercede and cry out to the Lord for mercy and an outpouring of His Holy Spirit.


Most of the information in this article was derived from prophecy teacher and author Dr. John Mcternan. Dr. John P. McTernan is a lifetime student of American history. He is an avid student of biblical prophecy since becoming a Christian in the early 1970s. During numerous appearances on television, radio, and in seminars, he has defended Israel in light of biblical prophecy. John served as a U.S. Treasury agent for 26 years until retiring in 1998. He holds a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University. John is married and the father of four children. It’s Supernatural: Sid Roth Interviews Dr. John Mcternan; 2013. Mishpochah Newsletter; Sid Roth; 2013.



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