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The Shemitah is an ancient biblical mystery. It goes back to the time Moses on Mount Sinai (1450 BC). This biblical mystery explains the attacks on 11 September 2001, the rise and fall of world economies, and the rise and fall of nations. This biblical mystery has bearing on the First World War, the Second World War, the wars occurring today, and the wars that will happen tomorrow. The Shemitah is a precise and mind-boggling biblical mystery and it is in operation today, according to some eschatology experts and biblical scholars.


The shemitah years describes a period of blessing and judgments. As soon as the Jews settled in the Holy Land, they began to count and observe seven-year cycles. Every cycle would culminate in a Sabbatical year, known as “Shemitah,”which means to release blessing or judgments. The year following the destruction of the second Holy Temple was the first year of the seven-year Sabbatical cycle. In the Jewish calendar, counting from Creation, this was year 3829, 68-69 of the Christian Era (CE) in the secular calendar. By counting sevens from then, we see that the next shemitah year will be the year 5775 after Creation, which runs from 25 September 2014 through 13 September 2015.

The Shemitah year is described in Leviticus 25:1-7 where Moses says every seventh year the land needs to lay uncultivated and the Lord will provide in the sixth year and the people will have enough. That was an important Sabbath year law and Israel spent 70 years in captivity in Babylon because they had not kept this law for 490 years. According to some eschatology experts, in America the judgment of violating the Shemitah year is not connected to the land of Israel, but to America’s national disobedience of God’s Word. For example, there was a Shemitah year in 2001 when the 9/11 attacks occurred and in 2008 when the stock market adjustment happened.  The next shemitah year will be in 2015, which corresponds to the tetrad of blood moons beginning in 2014 and ending in 2015. A few eschatology experts believe that war will erupt in the Middle East, while the U.S. economy takes another deep dive nearing complete collapse. However, other prophecy experts believe the U.S. economy will not collapse because Saudi Arabia and China will never allow America’s economy to fall. These countries have too much invested in the U.S. economy. These scholars argue that the Shemitah year only applies to Israel, not to America or any other nation.


The Shemitah means to release, to fall or collapse, and to shake in Hebrew. On Mount Sinai, God gave this law to Israel. Every seventh year the Israelites should have a Sabbath year, which is a year of rest. That rest was called the Shemitah. There was no sowing, no reaping of the land. On the last day of the Shemitah, the day is called Elul 29 on the biblical Hebrew calendar. When that last day arrived, all credit is wiped away, all debt is wiped away. The financial accounts of the nation are wiped clean because this day was to be a blessing. However, when Israel turned against God, the Shemitah comes back as a sign of judgment on a nation that is driving God out of its life. This history reveals why the Shemitah is affecting America today. The Shemitah begins affecting the economy right away. Today it will be an economic recession and tomorrow it could be a financial depression.

Within the past 40 years of America’s financial history, there were five great turning points or long term economic recessions. The first great financial recession began in 1973. The Second was in 1980. The third was in 1987. The fourth occurred in 2000 and fifth happened in 2007. All these economic recessions were separated by a seven-year period. All of these financial recessions were linked to the Shemitah years.  These recessions happened according to the appointed times revealed in the Holy Scriptures. When we analyze the greatest crashes in history, we discover that they were linked to the year of the Shemitah. The third greatest crash in history occurred during a Shemitah year, which happened in 1937 to 1938. When that Shemitah year began, the next day Wall Street collapses. The great recession in 2007 and 2008 began on the Shemitah year of Elul 29 when the whole stock market collapses. This is mindboggling.


The Mystery of the Towers reveals another link to the Shemitah. The rising of the highest towers in the world actually mark the rising of nations and powers. Since the Middle Ages the highest towers were in Europe, the center of power was Europe. However, a change took place in about 1870, when the greatest tower began rising in a new land called America. In the 1870s, America becomes the strongest economic power on Earth. The mantel goes from Britain to America. Thus, the rise of the tower actually marks it. From then on, America builds the highest towers on Earth as its power grows in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

When the Second World War concluded, American power was at its height and there was a plan to build a new tower to represent America’s greatness.  The tower was the World Trade Center. The year 1945 was the year of the Shemitah and when the building of tower was conceived, the World Trade Center. America began building this tower in 1966, the year of the Shemitah. The Towers were finished in 1973, the year of the Shemitah. And then finally, 2001, it is destroyed in the year of the Shemitah. The Towers represent the rising of American power and their destruction symbolizes the decline of America’s power.  The Shemitah is about falling. It actually means “let it fall”. The tower is about the glory of man. The Shemitah is about humbling the pride of man or the pride of a nation. Furthermore, the tower that’s rising now in New York City was conceived in the year of the Shemitah. This tower represents America’s vow of defiance against the Most High God. And this tower will probably be completed in the year of the Shemitah.


The Shemitah gives the key about when nations rise and fall, and its mystery is revealed in American history. The Shemitah is linked to the rise and fall of nations. In 1917, we have the year of the Shemitah. We see a collapse on Wall Street and a shaking of the nations during the First World War. Because the Shemitah is connected to collapsing of nations, during that war, we see the fall of powers and the collapse of four empires. The empires of Germany, Hungary, Russia, and Ottoman all collapse in the year linked to the Shemitah.

Because the Shemitah is linked to the rise of nations, the year 1917 is the period that begins America’s rise as the new world power on the stage when the U.S. enters the First World War. When we analyze the Second World War, we see another global cataclysm.  Hitler’s attacks began in 1938, the year of the Shemitah. The Holocaust, Kristallnacht, it is noted as 1938, as the faithful year, year of the Shemitah, and it ends 1945, the year of the Shemitah.  When we reach the peak of the Shemitah, we also get the peak of the Second World War, summer of 1945.  We approach the Shemitah’s day of nullifying things, the day of wiping out. Unleashed on the world is the greatest weapon in history of warfare, the atomic bomb, when nuclear warfare comes to Earth during the end of the Second World War.  This awful war ends in the last week of the Shemitah, concluding this violent seven-year period. The Second World War launches America as the super power of the world. Even the Cold War began during the year of the Shemitah.

However, in 1973, America decides to legalize the killing of unborn children, same sin, ancient Israel was judged for. The legalization of abortion is the same year that America begins losing its first war. Vietnam collapses on the same day. From this period onward, we begin to see setbacks in American power when the U.S. goes against the moral laws of the Most High God.


The next Shemitah year will determine America’s future destiny. This Shemitah year began on 25 September 2014 and it will end on 13 September 2015. God may decide to do nothing during this period, but most likely He will judge America because of this nation’s commitment to sexual immorality, its war against the unborn, and its declining relationship with Israel.  When the Shemitah begins, we will not notice it. However, as time passes by things will begin to happen in America and elsewhere worldwide revealing God’s judgment or blessing for nations.  The last two Shemitahs in America, we experienced major disasters.  In 2001, we had the great stock market collapse along with the 9/11 attacks and those events happened on the exact day appointed in the Bible, Elul 29, to wipe out the financial accounts. Seven years later, 2008, we experienced another great financial crash in American history and it happened on the exact same day, Elul 29. The two greatest crashes happen exactly seven Hebrew years apart down to the days, the hours, and to the seconds.

When we study the seventh Shemitah, which describes seven times seven years equaling 49 years, we will notice that it leads to the Jubilee equaling 50 years. The Jubilee is linked to the mystery of the Shemitah. Jubilee is about restoring, getting back the land, getting back the home, and restored inheritance. Well almost 2000 years ago, Israel lost its inheritance, lost the land. The restoration of Israel began in 1917 with a vow for declaration when the gentile nations gave portions of the land back to Israel. The year 1917 follows the year of the Shemitah in 1916. The 1917 was like a Jubilee year and it began the restoration of the land. When we travel seven Shemitahs into the future, we reach the year 1967, which is another jubilee year. This era began the restoration of Jerusalem following the Shemitah year in 1966. When we travel seven more Shemitahs into the future, we reach the year 2015. During this Shemitah year, there will likely be another global economic collapse or major recession, another prophetic war involving Israel, more terrorist attacks in North America and Europe, and more major natural disasters (earthquakes) worldwide. This Shemitah period will become a season of terror and dread for many people living in America and elsewhere worldwide. The year 2017 begins another jubilee year, which means a new era for America and the rest of the world. This year will also begin a new season of restoration for Israel where many Jews from Europe and America will begin their massive immigration to Israel because of growing global anti-Semitism.


Because America’s founding and history is very similar to the founding and history of ancient Israel, some p

rophecy experts believe the Shemitah years apply to America.  If the shemitah years apply to the U.S., then America will experience decline as a global power with decreasing influence worldwide. Within the next few months, events should transpire in America reflecting that the nation is under the increasing judgment of God. America’s power and influence will shift to Europe, China, and Russia, which is precisely what the Holy Scriptures reveal in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation.

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