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Darwinism is against the laws of nature, but creation theory concurs with the laws of nature. Natural laws do not make themselves, but originate from a law Maker. For example, creation agrees with the laws of thermodynamics and law of biogenesis. The laws of thermodynamics show that the universe is in the process of degeneration from an original perfect creation. Biogenesis show that life cannot emerge from random naturalistic processes; therefore, all living systems were created by an omniscience Creator and Designer.

There are no known biological processes for evolution to higher levels of organization and complexity because genetic mutations are always degenerative and none are unequivocally beneficial in the sense of adding new genetic information to the gene pool. Genetic mutations always cause the loss of genetic information and the duplication of the same kind of genetic information, but never the creation of either new or original genetic information.


Geologic landforms and sedimentary features all resulted from a global flood as described in the Book of Genesis. The enormous limestone formations, huge coal and oil formations, and immense underground salt layers are indicative of a global flood, but not slow and gradual processes over billions and millions of years of geologic history. The Earth’s features are satisfactorily explained by a worldwide flood and post-flood geophysical and geochemical processes.

There is no credible technique for establishing the age of sedimentary rock because fossil dating used to establish the age of sedimentary rock suffers from circular reasoning and guesswork, all based on the assumption and corruptions of Darwinism. The standard geologic column with transitional creatures evolving toward more complex forms, as depicted in many science books are all fictitious and misleading and they do not represent the real world.  The current world still represent the aftermath of a worldwide flood.


The weight of scientific evidence show no transitional fossils or living intermediate forms. There is not one single example confirming that Darwinism is history. Darwinists are still searching for “missing links” after billions and millions of years of an imaginary evolutionary history.  There should be billions of examples of transitional forms with transitional structures if Darwinism were true, but there are none. The fact is Darwinism has never been observed within the fossil record or among living animal and human populations.


Darwinists believe early humans were less intelligent than modern humans. However, archaeological and scientific evidence indicates that early man was intelligent and highly skilled with advanced social structures. There is evidence for their belief in the existence of an afterlife. Darwinists believe the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. However, soft tissues and traces of blood cells have been found in dinosaur fossils dated by Darwinists to be roughly 75 million years old.  Because soft tissues and red blood cells cannot last for millions of years, these dinosaurs are only thousands of years old and not millions of years old.


Darwinists believe their dating methods are very accurate and precise. However, carbon-14 has been found in coal and diamonds supposedly hundreds of millions of years old.  Because C-14 has a relatively short life-span, these diamonds are only thousands of years old.  Radioisotope dating suffers from multiple unproven assumptions and the technique is “fatally flawed” because Darwinists contend as fact what they cannot prove.  Abundant daughter isotopes are indicative of accelerated nuclear decay associated with the creation resulting from a rapid cosmic expansion, stretching out, or acceleration of the universe from an extremely hot, dens

e phase when matter and energy were concentrated. Accelerated nuclear decay was also indicative of a worldwide flood with massive restructuring of the Earth’s lithosphere, but not the slow and gradual processes over billions and millions of years. Evidences of accelerated nuclear decay in igneous rocks found worldwide are helium in zircon crystals, radio-halos and fission tracks, and rapid magnetic field reversals and decay. Over a hundred geo-chronometers indicate a young earth and universe.

PRIMARY SOURCE: Dr. Roger Gallop was compelled to write a book and complete a video series titled, evolution — The Greatest Deception in Modern History, having grown weary over the many years of public television, the media and public schools promoting evolution as “science” and “proven fact.” His youtube videos discuss the overwhelming evidence for creation and the many great deceptions of evolutionary doctrine.



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