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New Bible codes show atomic warfare involving North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and the United States. The codes were found in close proximity, which appears to indicate that nuclear warfare will probably erupt within the Korean Peninsula. The North Korea Bible Codes were originally found by the legendary Rabbi Glazerson.

North Korea, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), is a country in East Asia constituting the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang is the nation’s capital and largest city. To the north and northwest the country is bordered by China and by Russia along the Amnok and Tumen rivers; it is bordered to the south by South Korea, with the heavily fortified Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating the two.

Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, the DPRK continues its aggressive nuclear and ballistic missile programs because of its threat perception of the South Korea, Japan, and U.S.  For the past few years, the DPRK threatens to conduct nuclear strikes on South Korea and eventually the U.S.


If these codes are real and not accidental, then president Trump will face his first test as leader of the free world. According to some eschatologists, Donald Trump was raised up by God to disarm the young Kim Jong Un of the DPRK.  However, Un will probably cause a nuclear holocaust

in the Korea Peninsula before his military is destroyed by the combined forces of the U.S., Japan, South Korea, and other coalition forces.  Finally, we must remember that these codes only show a possible future and never a predestine future. We should all pray that no harm comes to the North and South Koreans and all the military forces operating in the Korean Peninsula. Perhaps, God will remove this dictator by other means rather than nuclear warfare in the region






The Bible codes appear to confirm the prophecy about Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America.  God revealed the Trump prophecy to a few believers before the election results. Some of these believers are Mark Taylor, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Kat Kerr,  and the late Kim Clement. They all accurately predicted Trumps victory before Election Day on 8 November 2016.  In addition to this revelation, Bible code researchers such as the legendary Rabbi Glazerson found codes in the books of Isaiah, Deuteronomy, and elsewhere throughout the Hebrew Scriptures showing a Trump victory before the Election Day.

The codes show that the number seven is associated with Mr. Trump. Donald Trump will be seventy years, seven months, and seven days old on his presidential inauguration day 2017 in the Hebrew year 5777. This was not a coincidence because in the Holy Bible the number seven means completion. This appears to be prophetic. Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946. If we move ahead 70 years from that date, that brings us to June 14, 2016. Moving forward another seven months brings us to Jan. 14, 2017, and moving forward another seven days brings us to Jan. 21, 2017, according Michael Synder.

Donald’s presidency could be similar to Cyrus of Persian and King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. This means he will be victorious militarily, politically, and economically. He will successfully subdue his enemies, while he brings America and its allies to a new level of power and influence.  Trump’s family will become the new dynasty in America and the world, according to some prophecy teachers.

Primary Sources: Prophetic Article by Mark Taylor, Prophetic Article by Michael Synder, Prophecy by Sadu Sundar Selvarai, Prophecy by Kat Kerr, Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson, Bible Codes by Eliot Elwar, Trump Prophecy provided by Scottie Clarke, and Trey Smith website






The bible codes show that Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States of America. Donald Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, author, and politician. He is chairman of The Trump Organization, which is the principal holding company for his real estate ventures and other business interests. He is also the nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

Analysis of bible codes found in the books of Genesis and Isaiah show that Donald Trump will defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency. The words president, states, and 2017 were found encoded. The most interesting thing about the codes found in the book of Isaiah, which was discovered by the legendary Rabbi Glazerson, is that they were discovered in Isaiah chapter 45:1.  The passage reads “Thus says the Lord to His anointed, To Cyrus, whose right hand I have held— To subdue nations before him And loose the armor of kings, To open before him the double doors, So that the gates will not be shut” (NKJV). Isaiah’s Cyrus prophecy was made over 200 years before Cyrus was born (576 BC – 530 BC). According to the historian Herodotus, Cyrus was the son of Cambyses I. He came to the Persian throne in 559 BC. Nine years later he conquered the Medes, thus unifying the kingdoms of the Medes and the Persians. According to Flavius Josephus, Cyrus later conquered the Babylonians in 538 BC.  Cyrus the Great was the Persian King under whom the Jewish Babylonian captivity ended.  He made a decree that the Temple in Jerusalem should be rebuilt and Jews can return to their land for this purpose.


If these codes are real and not accidental codes, then Donald Trump‘s presidency will be similar to a modern Cyrus of Persia. This means that Trump will become a greater friend to American Christians, Christians worldwide, and the Jews living in the Middle East and particularly those Jews living in the land of Israel. Trump, who is a great builder, may play a significant role in facilitating the construction of the next Jewish Temple in Israel.

The name Donald originates from a Scottish and Celtic word meaning world ruler. The name Trump means victory or triumphant. The name Trump is also associated with the word for trumpet.  A few eschatology researchers speculate that the Lord may rapture His Church during the successful presidential administration of Donald Trump or during the administration of a future American president name Trump.  Only time will reveal if this speculation about Donald  Trump is truth.

Finally, whoever becomes the 45th president of the United States of America must do four things. First, the president must not divide the land of Israel because God will have to judge any leader who seeks to divide His land. Second,   the president must cleanse the nation of corrupt judges. He must select righteous God fearing Judges to the US Supreme Court. Third, the president must protect the most vulnerable citizens in America, which are the unborn boys and girls inside the womb.  And fourth, the president must promote the traditional family, led by a man and a woman because children have a right to a father and a mother.






The Bible Code shows that a major Tsunami triggered by geophysical activities will hit the East Coast regions of the United States of America. The Hebrew words for America, Tsunami, East, death, and Flooding were all found in close proximity within the Book of Genesis.  While the Bible Code did not reveal when the Tsunami and earthquakes will occur, they will probably happen sometime within the next few years.


The East Coast of the United States runs along the Atlantic Ocean. The states which have shoreline on the East Coast are, from north to south, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Scientists found potential causes for a future tsunami on the U.S. East Coast. The most likely source for an East Coast tsunami would be an underwater avalanche along the continental slope, according to research presented by Dr. ten Brink. Another possible source for East Coast tsunamis is the Azores-Gibraltar Transform Fault, off the coast of Portugal. One massive earthquake along this fault in 1755 destroyed most of Lisbon and created a tsunami recorded as far away as Brazil. It was barely noticed on the East Coast.  Computer models indicate that underwater mountains west of Portugal helped reduce the impact of this tsunami by slowing the waves and disrupting their movement and they could do the same thing in the future, according to Dr. ten Brink.

Scientific observations regarding the coming massive tsunami indicate that portions of the following major East Coast cities could be submerged under water: Portland, ME; Boston, MA; New Haven, CT; Bridgeport, CT; New York City, NY; Jersey City, NJ; Newark, NJ; Atlantic City, NJ; Wilmington, DE; Philadelphia, PA; Virginia Beach, VA; Wilmington, NC; Myrtle Beach, SC; Charleston, SC; Savannah, GA; Daytona Beach, FL; West Palm Beach, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; and Miami, FL. There are many cities in between these coastal cities. The Eastern Seaboard of North America includes some of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. Today, many people live around the East Coast region. Evacuation would be virtually impossible for many people because of probable doubt and the subsequent immediate gridlock that will follow, according to Ken Jorgustin’s blog.


Dr Patricia Green had a dream about a massive tsunami coming to the U.S. East Coast. God warns believers to get out of the U.S. East Coast because a huge tsunami is coming. There will be famine, drought, huge hurricane and economic hardship in USA, according to Dr. Green. The Tsunami will significantly impact New York City, Virginia Beach, Florida, and Washington D.C.

Dr David Owour had a vision of a massive tsunami coming to the U.S. east coast region. Other prophets have had visions of the mega tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean.  The late John Paul Jackson and other prophets all had visions from the Lord and they saw massive tsunamis and major flooding devastating the East and West Coast of America in the near future. These tsunamis were probably caused by earthquakes in the ocean and a meteorite striking the sea.


Many prophecy teachers believe this judgment is coming to the U.S. because of the sins directly related to sexual immorality, homosexuality, and abortions continually proliferating throughout the east and west coasts regions of north America.

Earthquakes and tsunamis are indications of major events, which are sometimes associated with God’s past Judgments. During the days of Noah, God  used earthquakes and tsunamis to flood the world. During the days of Abraham, God used earthquakes to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. During the days of Joshua, God used an earthquake to collapse the walls of Jericho. Earthquakes and tsunamis are predicted for the “Day of the Lord” and the end of the age.

Therefore, if the Bible Codes, scientific data, and prophetic dreams and visions are true, then it is time to repent with great sincerity.  It is time to repent daily. It is time to surrender all to Messiah Yeshua.  We have to love Messiah Yeshua with all our hearts. This catastrophic event could happen either before or after the rapture of Yeshua’s Church. Millions of people will die in the U.S. and millions more will die outside the U.S. Please turn away from sins and surrender all to Yeshua today.





The Bible Codes show major earthquakes for the near future. Within God’s Holy Scriptures, earthquakes are the shaking or trembling of the earth caused by volcanic activity, earthquakes occur frequently in Israel. The regions around the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee are volcanic in nature. The primary centers of earthquakes in Israel are upper Galilee, the Samaritan country near Shechem, and the western edge of the Judean Mountains near Lydda. The Hebrew word for “earthquake” indicates a great noise or a tremendous roaring. This suggests that the Israelites were impressed with the rumbling connected with earthquakes.

The Bible mentions that earthquakes occurred during the following events: at Mount Sinai, when God gave the law to Moses (Exodus 19:18); during the wilderness wandering of the Israelites, when Korah and his followers rebelled against Moses and were destroyed as punishment for their rebellion (Numbers 16:31-33); during a fight between the Philistines and Jonathan and his armor bearer (1 Samuel 14:15); after Elijah killed the prophets of Baal and fled from Jezebel’s wrath, before God spoke to him (1 Kings 19:11); during the reign of King Uzziah (Amos 1:1). The earth shook and the rocks split at the death of Yeshua on Calvary (Matthew 27:51-54). Another earthquake took place at the resurrection of Yeshua (28:2). When Paul and Silas were in jail at Philippi, an earthquake shook the foundations of the prison (Acts 16:26).

Earthquakes are predicted before and during the “Day of the Lord” (Zechariah 14:4-5) and the end of the age (Revelation 6:12-24; 11:19; 16:18). Today, some Biblical eschatology experts and Bible code researchers believe there will be major earthquakes in North America, Japan, China, Israel, and elsewhere during the 2014 and 2015 timeframe.


Many Bible code researchers believe the next major earthquake to strike United States of America will begin in California. All the major quakes that have already shaken that state were foreseen. The biggest that ever struck the United States the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was encoded in the Holy Bible. The Hebrew words for “S.F. Calif.” and 1906 appear together. “Fire, earthquake” is also encoded with the year, and the hidden text states “city consumed, destroyed.”

The biggest recent earthquake to hit the U.S. mainland, again in San Francisco, is also encoded. The year, 1989, the words “fire, earthquake,” and “S.F. Calif.” all appear in the same place. But Los Angeles is mathematically the best match with “great earthquake” of any major city in the world. “L.A. Calif.” is encoded with “great earthquake” against very high odds, and both “America” and “USA” also appear with the predicted cataclysm. Seismologists agree that Southern California is the most likely area in the United States to face a major earthquake in the near future.  The U.S. Geological Survey in 1995 stated that there is an “80 to 90% probability of a magnitude 7.0 or greater earthquake will occur within Southern California before 2024.”


Other Bible code researchers have found codes showing that the Yellowstone region will erupt soon. Yellowstone’s massive mantle plume is getting bigger. This reservoir of superheated viscose rock is at least two and a half times larger than previously thought. A new study disclosed on Oct. 27th at the Geological Society of America annual conference, stated a huge earthquake measuring 9.0 mag. or larger as a result of Yellowstone’s massive mantle plume expansion may be a higher risk in the near future resulting in a major earthquake and an eventual volcanic eruption.

Significant volcanic activity has been occurring in Yellowstone National Park for the past few years.  When this large eruption happens, it does not devastate all of North America. However, this eruption will probably be larger than Mount Saint Helens. Even though all of the signs will be there, the eruption catches many people off guard. The ash will spread throughout the eastern part of North America, and there will be some civil unrest, but not too much because people cannot be out in the ash. Most of the civil unrest is caused by people trying to get food and supplies.


Likewise, some Bible code researchers and prophecy teachers believe that Mount Rainier will erupt soon. Mt. Rainier is a massive strato-volcano located 54 miles (87 km) southeast of Seattle in the state of Washington, United States. It is the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United States. Mt. Rainier is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, and it is on the Decade Volcano list. Because of its large amount of glacial ice, Mt. Rainier could potentially produce massive lahars that would threaten the whole Puyallup River valley.


Bible code experts found the words “Great earthquake” encoded with “China.” China was the scene of the worst earthquake in world history, the 1976 cataclysm that killed 800,000 Chinese. That year, “5736,” crosses “earthquake” right above “China.” It appears three times with “great earthquake.” Some Bible code researchers believe that major Earthquakes are coming for China sometime within the near future.


Bible code researchers have found the words earthquake and Israel.  Israel, which has not suffered a major earthquake this century, is the place most prominently stated in the plain text of the Bible. Ezekiel openly predicts “a great earthquake in the land of Israel.” “Israel” also appears four times with “great earthquake” in the Bible code, but Israel appears so often in the Bible that there is no way to calculate the mathematical significance. Israel is, however, located on what may be the world’s greatest fault line, the Red Sea rift that in pre-historical times shifted so violently it separated Africa from Asia.


The one country most likely in danger of a massive earthquake, according to the Bible code, is Japan. Japan will suffer a series of major earthquakes in the coming years. Recent English Bible and Hebrew Codes reveal a giant earthquake could hit Tokyo Japan sometime in the near future. Likewise, dream interpreter and prophecy teacher John Paul Jackson says another massive earthquake will strike Japan sometime in the near future and 7 million Japanese will die. He believes the eruption of Mount Fuji will be associated with this massive earthquake in Japan. Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, it rises to 12,388 ft (3,776 m) near the Pacific coast in central Honshu. Mount Fuji, with its graceful volcanic cone (dormant since 1707), has become famous internationally. It is considered a sacred symbol of Japan, and thousands of Japanese climb to the shrine on its peak every summer. The mountain is the major feature of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, created in 1936. For many code researchers, “Japan” is also the country most clearly encoded with a future “great earthquake.” Again, there is no way to know if the stated danger is real. However, there seems to be an apocalyptic urgency in the Bible Code to warn the Japanese people about their near future.


While many Bible code experts only believe the Bible codes show a possible future, if these codes are correct, then the next few years will be very dramatic and apocalyptic for North America, Japan, Israel, and the world. Many times God’s judgment or visitation is described using the imagery of an earthquake and is often seen as a sign of the end of time. Many times an earthquake is a sign of God’s presence or of God’s revelation of Himself. At times the whole universe is described as being shaken by God. Even though earthquakes were usually seen as things to escape, they could be used by God for good purposes. The earth quaked in revulsion at the death of Messiah Yeshua, and the earth quaked to move the stone from Yeshua’s tomb. Those who love God and are faithful to Him have no need to fear the trembling of the earth.


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The bible codes show an explosion occurred at Iran’s nuclear facility at Parchin. These codes were discovered by Rabbi Glazerson.  The US and international monitors believe this facility was once used to test nuclear weapons components and that Tehran has barred International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors from visiting. A few eschatology experts believe this explosion is a prelude to more explosions and war between Israel and Iran.

The explosion at the Parchin military installation caused an “enormous orange flash that illuminated Tehran.” Iranian officials “confirmed that two people were missing after ‘an ordinary fire’ caused by ‘chemical reactions of flammable material,'” according to the Times account, according to the New York Times. This is hardly the only suspicious explosion to hit a sensitive Iranian military facility, and it’s unlikely that Iran would admit to an act of sabotage. In 2011, the architect of Iran’s ballistic missile program was killed in a suspicious blast. And there have been several assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists in recent years, killings that have been blamed on both Israel and the Mujahideen el-Khalk, an anti-regime militant group. And Parchin was apparently home to infrastructure needed to develop ballistic triggers for a uranium-based nuclear detonation, work that apparently took place at the facility prior to 2004 when these activities were discovered and made public by the US and international regulators, according to the Business Insider. Today, analysts continue to debate whether the 2014 explosion at an Iranian military base at Parchin was an act of sabotage.


According to eschatology expert and prophet John Paul Jackson, Israel will send missiles to Iran but before that day there will first be mystery explosions sent in various places in Iran. When the final missiles hit Iran there will be a huge growth of anti-Semitism and everyone will blame Israel for the price of gasoline. This attack will cause the OPEC nations to form an alliance and they will not sell oil to nations that support Israel. And Israel will be a difficult thing and Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling.




The Ebola Epidemic has been found in the Bible Codes by expert Rabbi Glazerson. The codes show the epidemic may be related to sexual immorality among various populations. Ebola is a virus responsible for a severe and often fatal hemorrhagic fever. Many outbreaks in primates, humans, have been recorded. Initial symptoms are fever, severe headaches and muscle aches, and loss of appetite; blood clots and profuse uncontrollable hemorrhaging appear within days, followed by nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Death occurs within 8 to 16 days and fatality rates range from 50% to 90%. There is no known treatment. It takes its name from the Ebola River in northern Congo (Zaire), where it first emerged in 1976. The virus appears as long filaments, sometimes branched or intertwined. The virus particle contains one molecule of RNA. How it attacks cells is unknown. It can be transmitted through contact with bodily fluids; unsanitary conditions and lack of adequate medical supplies have been factors in its spread,  according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.  A few eschatology experts believe the Ebola Epidemic will proliferate into Western nations and kill many in America and Europe.

The Ebola Virus is common name for several strains of virus and three of which are known to cause hemorrhagic fever in humans, which is characterized by massive bleeding and destruction of internal tissues. The Ebola virus belongs to the family Filoviridae. The viruses are long rods, 800 to 1000 nanometers (nm) long (1 nm equals one-billionth of a meter, or 4 x 10-8 in), but particles as long as 14,000 nm have been seen. Each virus consists of a coiled strand of ribonucleic acid (RNA) contained in an envelope derived from the host cell membrane that is covered with spikes. The virus is named for the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC, formerly Zaire), Africa, where the virus was first identified, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Three strains of Ebola virus that are often fatal to humans have been identified. Named for the areas in which the first recognized outbreaks took place, these strains are referred to as Ebola/Zaire, Ebola/Sudan, and Ebola/Tai Forest. A fourth Ebola strain, called Ebola/Reston, has not been found to cause disease in humans. As outbreaks of Ebola hemorrhagic fever continue to occur, other strains may be identified. The cases of Ebola hemorrhagic fever have occurred in isolated instances and in outbreaks in sub-Saharan Africa. A significant problem in diagnosing the disease is that the viruses often strike in remote areas of developing countries, where access to laboratories for specimen analysis is limited. Of all the hemorrhagic fevers, Ebola/Zaire hemorrhagic fever is the most dramatic and deadly,  according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.





The bible code appears to show that Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Reactor will be destroyed within the near future.  The Iranian Bushehr Nuclear Reactor has a long history, beginning in 1975, during the reign of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, when its construction was begun. During the Iran Iraq war, 1980-1988, the facility, not completed, was bombed. In 1995 , Iran and Russia signed a contract for the construction of a new reactor facility at Bushehr. That contract came to completion in August 21, 2010 when Russia delivered to Iran 80 tons of Uranium for the reactor and the transfer of the Uranium into the reactor facility was begun.

From Real Bible Codes: The problem with Iran is not its nuclear reactor, but its motivation, its vitriolic talk, its belligerent actions, its sponsorship of terrorism, and its idea that the Iran should lead the Islamic world into a messianic End of Time apocalyptic war against Israel and the Western powers. In short, Iran is neither a peace loving or peace promoting country. Since the overthrow of the Shah in 1979, the revolutionary regime has pursued aggressive bullying and destabilizing policies in the Middle East in its attempt to gain a domineering and leadership role. It has been one of the main state sponsors of terrorist activities.

From Real Bible Codes: The U.S. State Department says Iran is the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism. U.S. officials say Iran continues to provide funding, weapons, training, and sanctuary to numerous terrorist groups based in the Middle East and elsewhere, posing a security concern to the international community. Iran’s declarations that it has successfully enriched uranium and developed new missile technology have heightened alarm in the United States and a growing number of other states. Iran asserts its rights under an international treaty to pursue nuclear power and that it is only interested in nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. But it has faced growing sanctions, through the UN Security Council as well as international financial bodies, out of concern over its motives.

Analysis of equidistant letter spacing bible codes found in the Book of Ezekiel revealed the Hebrew words for Iran, Elam, Brusher, atomic, nuclear, missiles, destroy, Israel, war, radiation, and death. The bible codes were as large as negative 6,064 and as small as positive 1. The ELS codes were all in close proximity, which is usually an indication of a statistically significant code.  In other words, the bible codes appear to say that there will be an Israeli strike on the Bushehr nuclear facility by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in the region of Elam located within southern Iran. This strike will trigger a Mideast war where tactical nuclear weapons will be employed against Israel’s enemies.


According to few biblical eschatologists, Elam, with other rebellious nations, would eventually experience the cup of God’s wrath (Jeremiah 25:15-26). Even its world-renowned archers would prove no match for the Lord of hosts (Isaiah 22:6-12; Jeremiah 49:35; Ezekiel 32:24). Ezekiel’s lament over Elam illustrates the horror of Elam’s destruction (32:24-25). Jeremiah warns the Elamites that they cannot escape the judgment of God. That was made certain by the presence of his throne among them (Jeremiah 49:38).


Elam is an ancient geographical region mentioned in the God’s Holy Scriptures. Its present location would be in Iran with a portion in Iraq. It has bordered with the ancient Babylonian Empire. Elam’s actual location would be in the Persian Gulf’s northern end and along Iran’s western coast. Ancient Elam’s main sections would include the Bushehr Province with the Bushehr capital city. Persian Gulf map analysis indicates that Bushehr would be directly across from Kuwait.

Bushehr is very significant today.  It is the location of Iran’s nuclear facility and it has the attention of the globe. Therefore, the physical location of ancient Elam is critical to understand the eschatology for Iran. Many people fear that Iran will use this plant to build nuclear weapons for the Israel’s destruction and Middle East domination. Israel has stated that it will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power, and it is very possible Israel will attack Iran to destroy Bushehr’s nuclear complex. The Third World War could begin over the Bushehr nuclear power facility. This situation explains why ancient Elam has become a focal point in dealing with Israel and why it fits into God’s prophetic plan.


Today Elam (Iran) is Israel’s fierce enemy and it wants to wipe Israel off the map. A nuclear reactor sits in Elam (Iran) simply for the purpose of destroying Israel. Elam is Israel’s most dangerous enemy. Elam (Iran) is also the center of Shiite Islam which wants to conquer the world for Allah. It is the center of belief in the Mahdi who the Shiite Muslims believe will lead Islam to conquer the world. Elam can be viewed as the number one enemy of Israel’s God.  Shiite Islam led by Elam (Iran) is about to violently collide with God’s End-Time prophetic plan as stated in the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, God will use the IDF to execute his judgment on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

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Bible code findings reveal the evolution theory and atheism. These Bible Codes were discovered by Torah Code expert, Rabbi Glazerson. Darwinism and Atheism are belief systems that have negatively impacted the Western world because it has contributed to racism, ethnocentrism, and other dogmas that divided humankind. Evolution is a religious belief system that originated in ancient Babylon proliferated to the first Egyptians before influencing the early Greek philosophers. Today evolution has been repackaged as a purely materialistic dogma for describing origins.

Darwinism describes the evolutionary mechanism proposed by Charles Darwin as an explanation for organic changes. It denotes Darwin’s specific view about how evolution works. Darwin believed that evolution is based upon three principles: variation, heredity, and the struggle for existence. Evolution says animals and plants have their origin in other preexisting types and that the distinguishable differences are due to modifications in successive generations. It is one of the keystones of modern biological theory. In 1858 Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace jointly published a paper on evolution. The next year Darwin presented his major treatise On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, which revolutionized all later biological study.

The heart of Darwinian evolution is the mechanism of natural selection. Surviving individuals, which vary in some way that enables them to live longer and reproduce, pass on their advantage to succeeding generations. Though the theory of evolution is accepted by many within the scientific community, it has sparked much controversy from Darwin’s time to the present; recent objections have come from elements within the scientific community who believe in the intelligent design theory.  Also, some religious leaders and thinkers reject the theory because it conflicts with the literal interpretations of the Genesis creation history.





The bible codes appear to indicate that President Barack Hussein Obama (ברק אובמה) may be reelected (בחירתו מחדש) for another term during the 2012 presidential elections. A review of bible codes found by this author and  Rabbi Glazerson appears to confirm Obama’s reelection for another term.

Analysis of equidistant letter spacing (ELS) bible codes found in the Book of Ezekiel by this author reveal the Hebrew words for Barack Obama, President, twice, election, win and more. The ELS codes also show the Hebrew words for war, atomic, Israel, Syria, Iran, and USA associated with Obama’s name. The ELS codes were as large as negative 1046 and as small as positive one. This is usually indicative of a statistically significant code.  Additional study of the ELS codes indicate that Israel, Syria, and Iran could be at war during and after Obama’s presidential campaign. The ELS codes could be a warning of limited usage of tactical nuclear weapons in the Mideast region.

Obama will experience another challenging and difficult campaign for the presidency. According to Biography Online, Obama is the 44th and current U.S. President. He is the first African American to hold that office in U.S. history. From 2005 to 2008, Obama served as a U.S. Senator from Illinois prior to resigning after his victory in the presidential election, according to press profiles.

During the 2012 general election, Obama will battle Republican Mitt Romney for the American presidency. According to BBC News, Romney is a successful American politician and businessman. From 2003 to 2007, Romney was Massachusetts’ governor before he became the candidate for the 2008 and 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination. Political observers and analysts place him among the leading GOP front-runners in the 2012 political race for the presidency, according to the Wall Street Journal. Both Obama and Romney will experience the most heated, divisive, ugliest, and dirtiest political campaign in American political history because of ethnic racism, xenophobia, religious bigotry, class warfare, and the U.S. economy.

Romney will not be president because the Republican Party’s leadership is currently focused on the 2016 elections, and many Republican voters reject Romney’s Mormon religion, and a few conservative Republicans believe that Romney is not conservative enough. Additionally, while Obama will be damaged by Romney’s political war machine, he will win the presidency because of strong support from liberals, independents, and African American voters.





Bible codes reveal New Madrid earthquake coming within the near future. The New Madrid fault zone is six times bigger than the San Andreas fault zone in California and it covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.  The biggest earthquakes in the history of the United States were caused by the New Madrid fault.  Now there are fears that the New Madrid fault zone could be coming to life again, and if a “killer earthquake” does strike it could change all of our lives forever.

Analysis of bible codes found in the Sacred and Holy Book of Judges revealed the Hebrew words for USA, New Madrid, earthquake, death, flooding, destruction, and half. The codes appear to indicate that America will split in half during a massive earthquake centered in the area of the New Madrid fault zone. The equidistance letter sequence (ELS) was as large as negative 1032 ELS and as small as negative 3 ELS.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, more than 500 measurable earthquakes have been recorded in central Arkansas recently.  A magnitude-3.8 earthquake that shook north-central Indiana on December 30th is being called “unprecedented”. It was strong enough to actually cause cracks along the ground and it was felt in portions of Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

According to multiple press reports, more than 3,000 red-wing blackbirds fell out of the sky dead in the Arkansas town of Beebe on New Year’s Eve. Large numbers of dead birds were also found in Kentucky right around Christmas. Approximately 500 dead blackbirds and starlings were also recently discovered in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana. Approximately 100,000 fish washed up dead on the shores of the Arkansas River just last week.

About 200 years ago, in 1811 and 1812, there were four earthquakes that were so powerful in the area of the New Madrid fault zone that they are still talked about today.  All four of the quakes were estimated to have been magnitude-7.0 or greater.  It is said that those earthquakes opened deep fissures in the ground, caused the Mississippi River to run backwards and that they were felt as far away as Boston.

According to many seismologists, the last major earthquake to hit the region was a 5.4-magnitude quake that struck the town of Dale, Illinois in 1968.  Things have been strangely quiet in the region since then until recently. If a true “killer earthquake” struck along the New Madrid fault zone today, cities such as St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee could potentially be completely destroyed. Unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration and this major earthquake is exactly what many seismologists now fear.


A few biblical eschatology experts believe that the New Madrid earthquake could be triggered if a U.S. President declares a Palestinian State in Israel along with forcing the Israelis to return to the pre-1967 borders. They argue that this act will be a violation of the principle in Genesis 12:3, which is related to God blessing and cursing nations based on their relationship with Israel. The land of Israel belongs to the Lord and if we divide His land he will divide our land. Since the 1990s, American leadership has been attempting to create a Palestinian State with a Mideast Peace Deal based on Israel’s Pre-1967 borders with Palestine, which appears to be an attempt to divide up the land of Israel. A few bible code researchers believe that America’s actions will trigger a massive earthquake disaster that will strike Indianola Illinois and Europa Missouri, which is the exact location of the New Madrid fault line. Therefore, if the bible codes are correct, then America will eventually be divided by a large body of water due to a massive New Madrid earthquake.





The Bible Codes indicate that earthquakes will hit the west coast or pacific coast regions of the United States of America (USA) sometime within the near future. The westernmost regions of the USA include the states of Washington, Oregon, and California. The estimated population of the USA’s west coast region is roughly 50 million (60 million if Nevada and Arizona are included), which is about 16 percent (18 percent with Nevada and Arizona) of USA’s population.

Analysis of Equidistant Letter Spacing (ELS) Bible Codes found within the books of Genesis and First Chronicles show the words for America, California, Oregon, Nevada, earthquake, flooding, death, thousands, and more. The ELS codes were as large as negative 1,710 and as small as positive 1. The ELS codes appear to say that there will be a massive California earthquake triggering smaller earthquakes in Oregon, Nevada, and elsewhere in the west coast regions of the USA. Thousands of people may be killed during this massive earthquake in the west coast regions. This  coming earthquake could be similar to the Landers California earthquake.

According to eschatology and biblical apology expert, Dr. John Mcternan, the fourth most powerful quake was 7.6 magnitude and was called the Landers quake because it occurred near Landers, California.  The Landers quake was the most powerful earthquake in the world during 1992.  The second quake was 6.5 magnitude.  Both of the earthquakes were in remote areas, so California was spared from great loss of life and extensive damage.  These quakes were dangerously close to the San Andreas’ fault line.  If an earthquake occurred on this fault, it could devastate California.

Based on the prophecy of end-time Prophet Dr. Owour, a massive earthquake is coming to America’s west coast region within the near future. Dr. Owour appears to have a 100 percent prophetic accuracy in past prophecies. He says this earthquake is a part of God’s increasing judgments on America because of the sins of homosexuality and other forms of sexual immorality (pornography) and the sin of worshipping money associated with the gospel of prosperity. The only thing that can prevent this massive earthquake is when American Christian leaders in the Churches, in the government, and in the military return to the gospel of repentance and salvation.


For years, many bible believing Christian apology and eschatology experts have been warning Americans about the coming judgment on California because of the sins of sexual immorality, abortion, violence, and paganism decorating the west coast regions of America. These ELS codes are probably just warnings, but the ELS codes are consistent with the prophetic warnings of many Christian eschatology experts.





Recent Bible code analysis reveals the Hebrew words for solar and lunar eclipses during the years 2014 to 2015. A few within the eschatology community believe these solar and lunar eclipses are related to conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere worldwide.  This Torah Code discovery was made by expert Rabbi Glazerson.

From Lamb & Lion Ministry: “Mark Biltz, pastor of El Shaddai Ministries in Bonney Lake, WA, has discovered some information that is quite interesting in a prophetic sense. He notes that a series of four rare lunar eclipses (known as a tetrad) will happen in 2014 and 2015. Two of the lunar eclipses will happen during Passover and The Feast of Sukkot, (a.k.a. The Feast of Tabernacles) in 2015, and there will be two solar eclipses that same year falling on dates noteworthy to the Jewish calendar. You have the religious year beginning with the total solar eclipse, two weeks later a total lunar eclipse on Passover, and then the civil year beginning with the solar eclipse followed two weeks later by another total blood red moon on the Feast of Sukkot—all in 2015. Biltz’s claims can be confirmed by looking at a biblical calendar and then NASA’s web site because astronomers are able to predict those astronomical events with high precision (not surprising given that our Creator’s intelligent design is amazing).” These lunar and solar events are referred to as tetrads.

From Lamb & Lion Ministry: “Biltz notes that if we go back in history to examine when tetrads happened previously, we find one was in 1967, when Israel recaptured Jerusalem. Prior to that it happened in 1948, which we know to be one of the most notable prophetic events in centuries: when Israel became a nation! He goes on to explain that prior to 1948 there were not any tetrads at all until the 15th century, but none of those fell on Passover or The Feast of Sukkot. Then in 1493 and 1494, shortly after the Jews were exiled from Spain, there was a tetrad that also synced up with the dates of Passover and The Feast of Sukkot. “So each time it happened it was tied to the Jewish people,” Biltz notes. He also points out that other than 2015 a tetrad will not happen again in this century.”


The past Lunar and solar eclipses appear to be associated with warfare and tragedy involving the Jewish people. A few eschatologists believe that these events could parallel the Psalm 83 and Obadiah wars predicted for the Middle East. These events are not related to the Rapture event because “the Rapture can occur at any time, with it not being necessary that any event precede it, the fact we are seeing end-times signs (a looming tetrad; wars and rumors of wars; earthquakes and other natural disasters; worldwide economic stress; technological advances; etc.) just brings us all the closer to the end times and, therefore, we can, more than ever, expect the Rapture at any moment,” according to eschatologist Nathan Jones.




Bible code findings predict a coming Third World War involving NATO nations and former warsaw pact nations. Analysis of the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy reveal the Hebrew words for Gog, Magog, Russia, Iran, earthquake, hailstones, Turkey, Germany, France, Ethiopia, Israel, USA, warfare, war, missiles, bombs, and atomic. The bible code appears to forecast the coming of the Third World War. The USA and her NATO allies will fight against Russia, China, Iran, and many other nations for control of Middle East resources. During this conflict Israel will be protected when God causes a massive earthquake along with raining down hailstones on the Russian-Iranian led coalition army referred to as the Gog and Magog Army. Europe will emerge from this conflict as the new Super Power nation, while the USA becomes a more irrelevant regional power. Although the anti-Messiah will participate in this worldwide conflict as a NATO military commander, he will not be identified until the Seven Year Tribulation or Day of the Lord arrives.

Analysis of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 indicates the coming war of Gog and Magog will occur sometime within the next few decades. The prophet Ezekiel wrote about a future invasion of Israel by a vast coalition of Russian and Islamic nations (Ezekiel 38-39). When we read the news headlines and witness the conflict in the Middle East, it’s not hard to realize that this invasion, which was prophesied over 2600 years ago, may be fulfilled during our generation. The prophet Ezekiel correctly predicted the gathering of the Jews to the nation of Israel (Ezekiel 36-37) before describing this massive invasion made up of a Russian-Islamic coalition of nations. For almost 19 centuries, the Jewish people were scattered throughout the globe until the creation of Israel on 14 May 1948. Before the restoration of the state of Israeli, there was no nation of Israel to invade. However, since the nation of Israel is today in existence, the stage has been set for the war that will usher in the seven year tribulation and the rise of the Anti-Messiah.

The war of Gog and Magog will end with the destruction of Israel’s enemies because of the actions of God Almighty, and lead to the signing of the famous peace treaty of prophecy with the Anti-Messiah. In this war, Ezekiel says the world will see a supernatural judgment of the enemies of Israel, and a spiritual awakening unparalleled in human history. The war will bring and end to the radical teachings of Islam and to the secular religious philosophy of atheism, agnosticism, and materialism. These religious dogmas will be replaced with the corruptions of new age paganism and a new Islamic philosophy decorated with an apostate form of Christianity (Revelation 17). The conclusion of this war may commence the seven year tribulation period (Ezekiel 39:9, Daniel 9, and Revelation 6) a few years later. The prophet Ezekiel offers his readers a highlight about the future of Israel, which includes Israel’s restoration, the participants in the Gog and Magog War, the timing of this war, the place where this war will occur, and why God will allow this war to happen.


The prophet Ezekiel made several predictions about the restoration of the state of Israel in Ezekiel chapters four, 34, 36 and 37. First, Ezekiel prophesied the rebirth of the State of Israel during the end times in 1948. Analysis of Ezekiel chapter four and the principle found in Leviticus 26 reveals the exact day of Israel’s prophetic restoration. This principle reveals that Israel did not repent from their idolatry; therefore, their punishment would extend for another 2520 years, which began in 536 BC and end on 14 May 1948 AD. The calculations in this timeframe require a 360 day prophetic year. The final generation of prophecy began in 1948 and this generation will last for about 70 or 100 years, which is roughly the lifespan of a man.

Second, analysis of Ezekiel chapter 34 reveals that one day God will seek His people and bring them back to their land, and He will be their shepherd. Readers of this chapter should notice the “I will” statements in this message, and see what assurance they bring to the hearts of the Jewish people. Messiah Y’shua will be the future Good Shepherd to the Jewish community (Hebrew 13:20-21).

Third, Ezekiel prophesied the return of the Jews to the Holy Land after centuries in exile (Ezekiel 36:10-11, Ezekiel 36:24), which is still currently being fulfilled. In recent history, many Jews have immigrated to Israel from Russian, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere. Many Jews in America will eventually leave for Israel as the US economy collapses and persecution against Jews increases.

Fourth, Ezekiel prophesied the rebuilding of the ancient ruins in Israel (Ezekiel 36:36), which has not been completely fulfilled yet. However, many religious and secular Jewish leaders plan to rebuild the Third Jewish Temple along with other ancient Holy sites in Israel.

Fifth, Ezekiel prophesied that Israel would experience the re-blossoming of their desolate and desert lands to produce abundant food, fruit and foliage (Ezekiel 36:8-9). This prediction has been partially fulfilled because Israel is no-longer a desert wasteland (Ezekiel 36:30-35). Mark Twain, who was a great American author, wrote that Israel and much of the Middle East was a desert wasteland. However, since the return of the Jews, the land has experienced a steady transformation in its fertility and it will eventually become a land flowing again with milk and honey.

And Sixth, Ezekiel prophesied that Israel would become an “exceedingly great army” (Ezekiel 37:10). This will happen when Israel increases in geographical and territorial size following their military victory in the coming war with Syria, Jordan, and the newly declared Palestinian State. According to the visions of the prophet Obadiah and the writings in Psalm 83, Israel’s will achieve victory over her Middle Eastern enemies where she will become a Middle Eastern superpower nation. The superpower status of Israel will lay the foundation for the war of Gog and Magog. This war described in Psalm 83 and Obadiah’s visions will happen within the next 20 years and it will be before the war of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38 & 39).


When we read Ezekiel 37, 38 and 39, it is not just about the creation of the nation of Israel that makes this prophecy appear likely to be fulfilled in the near future, but the nations that God reveals to Ezekiel in this prophecy and the coalition they will form against Israel, which makes Ezekiel’s vision seem likely to occur within the next few decades. To understand the prophecies of Ezekiel about this future invasion, it’s important to understand who the participants in this coming war will include. In Ezekiel 38:1-6, the Hebrew prophet gives a list of ancient names that will form a united Russian-Islamic coalition of nations. Many of these names identify the early descendents of Noah who were the ancestors of the nations that for a time bore their names. By identifying these primeval names, we can see how the stage has been set for the prophesied Russian Islamic invasion of Israel.

The first name mention is Gog. Gog refers to the powerful leader of the end-times northern military coalition who will launch an invasion against Israel (Ezekiel 38). Gog is referred to as the “prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal.” The name of this mysterious personality is mentioned 11 times in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, thus indicating that he plays a major role in the end-times invasion. According to some prophecy scholars, Gog is the name of a demonic force who rules over “of the land of Magog” and Gog is the evil spiritual power referred to as the “prince of Rosh (Russia), Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Toboslk). Most Bible scholars believe Gog is not just a name but a title, like Pharaoh or Czar. This demonic power will possess a future Russian dictator who will hatch an “evil plan” (Ezekiel 38:10). Gog is also described in Revelation 20 when he moves against Israel a second time in history.

The second name mentioned is Magog. Magog refers to the Russia Federation and republics of the former Soviet Union. The first century Roman historian Josephus said the “Magogites” were the peoples whom the Greeks called “Scythians.” Scythians were a fierce, blood-thirsty civilization that settled in the mountainous area near the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, north of the Baltic Sea in the geographic region of Russia and the European republics of the former USSR. Rosh refers to Russia and Meshech refers to Moscow. Tubal refers to the city and region of Tobolsk in Russia along the Tobol River. Magog clearly refers to the region that is occupied by the former southern Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and possibly the northern portions of modern Afghanistan. Significantly, the entire area is Muslim –dominated, with more than enough religious motivation to move against Israel.

The third name mentioned in Ezekiel’s prophecy is Persia. Persia refers to Iran because analysis of ancient maps reveals that this same territory is currently occupied by modern Iran. Iran became Persia’s official name in 1935. During the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the name changed again to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The fourth name mentioned in Ezekiel’s prophetic vision is Cush. Cush refers to Sudan and Ethiopia, which are among the nations that make-up Gog’s end-times northern military coalition against Israel. Sudan is a hard-line Islamic nation, a kindred spirit with Iran in its venomous hatred of Israel. These nations are close allies and their mutual stand against Israel is clearly expected. This nation is famous for its relationship with terrorists, jihadists, and its harboring of Osama bin Laden from 1991 to 1996.

The fifth name mentioned in Ezekiel’s prophecy is Put. Put, a land to the west of Egypt, is modern-day Libya, and possibly Algeria and Tunisia. Since ancient Libya is larger than the Libya existing today, the boundaries of Put as referenced in Ezekiel 38 and 39 probably extend beyond modern Libya, which includes portions of Algeria and Tunisia.

The sixth name mentioned in Ezekiel’s vision is Gomer. Gomer refers to Turkey, but also possibly Germany and Austria. Beth-togarmah refers to Armenia and the Turkic-speaking peoples of Central Asia. According to the ancient historian Josephus, Gomer founded those whom the Greeks called the Galatians. The Galatians of New Testament times lived in the region of central Turkey. Thus, there is a direct connection of ancient Gomer and modern Turkey. Furthermore, the Jewish Talmud claims Gomer refers to Germani, or the Germans. The Midrash calls Gomer Germania. Today, racial hatred towards the Jewish community has been growing in Germany.

When Ezekiel mentions the words “Many peoples with you” who will attack along “the mountains of Israel,” he probably refers to other nations that will be involved in the coalition as well as surrounding countries that border the mountains of Israel. This includes countries beyond Lebanon and Jordan.

Absent from the list of attacking nations in the war of Gog and Magog are Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq. Syria (Damascus), according to Isaiah 17:14 will become a heap of ruins and completely destroyed during the war before Ezekiel 38 and 39. The war before the Gog and Magog war is describes in Psalm 83, Isaiah 17:14, and Obadiah 1:15-21 where Jordan is defeated and annex into Israel. Neither Egypt nor Iraq will participate because Egypt already signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979 and Iraq is now so engrossed in its own internal struggles that it would be unlikely that it would join a coalition of nations to destroy Israel in the next few decades.


According to Ezekiel’s visions, Gog will build a military coalition and “be prepared” to strike (Ezekile 38:7); Gog will deploy the coalition against Israel (Ezekiel 38:8); Gog will use overwhelming force against Israel; he and his coalition will “come like a storm and like a cloud covering the land” (Ezekiel 39:9). The language of Ezekiel’s visions indicates that the Russian-Islamic Army will be equipped with an exotic variety of tactical nuclear weapons systems placed on ground, air, and naval platforms. Gog’s weapons may consist of land attack cruise missiles (LACM), air launched cruise missile (ALCM), short range ballistic missiles (SRBM), and medium range ballistic missiles (MRBM) Gog’s army will take up their military position on the Mountains of Israel and elsewhere in the Middle East in preparation for a decisive strike on Israel. However, God will destroy Gog’s Russian-Islamic coalition force before they have the opportunity to employ their weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and civilian targets.

According to Ezekiel’s prophecy, the Lord God will bring judgment upon the enemies of Israel, beginning with Gog, the demon possessed dictator of Russia (Ezekiel 38:2); the Lord will trigger a massive earthquake in which “all the men who are on the face of the earth will shake at My presence” (Ezekiel 38:20); the Lord will turn Gog’s forces against one another(Ezekiel 38:21); the Lord will subject Gog’s coalition forces to pestilence, blood, torrential rains, hailstones, and fire from heaven (Ezekiel 38:22); the Lord will “ send fire upon Magog” itself and others (Ezekiel 39:6); Israel will capture her enemies weapons and burn them for seven years (Ezekiel 39:9); it will taken seven months (210 days) to bury all the bodies of Gog’s Russian-Islamic coalition army (Ezekiel 39:12); and the birds and beast will feast on the dead bodies of God’s army (Ezekiel 39:17-20). This war will be followed by the false peace treaty of death, which begins the seven year tribulation period.


According to Ezekiel’s vision, the war begins sometime after Israel becomes a nation again and after the Jews are re-gathered back to the Holy Land (Ezekiel 38:8); when the Israeli people are living in safety and in security”, then suddenly the “War of Gog and Magog” begins (Ezekiel 38:11-14). Before this war, Israel will experience an economic boom (Ezekiel 38:12-13) because it will be larger in size following the wars described in Psalm 83 and Obadiah I:1-21; It will come about in the last days” about a few years before the return of Messiah (Ezekiel 38:16). The war of God and Magog may begin about seven or more years before the seven year tribulation period described in Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13, Revelation 6, and elsewhere in the Holy Scriptures. If the Gog and Magog war occurs during the Rapture of the Church, this war may happen before or during the year 2033 AD. The year 2033 completes two thousand years of Church history, because the Church began in the summer season of 33 AD and will probably concluded in fall season of 2033 AD. Since earthquakes have always been associated with the resurrection of the dead, the rapture may occur during the war of Gog and Magog because God will send a worldwide Earthquake, while He raptures the Church to glory. The survivors of this war will only believe that Christians were the victims of the worldwide Earthquake. The seven year tribulation will probably begin a few months or a few years after the year 2033 AD when Israel makes a peace treaty with the anti-Messiah (Daniel 9:24-27) and afte burning the weapons of Gog for seven years (Ezekiel 39:9-10).


According to Ezekiel’s visions, the land of Israel, the Middle East, and the surrounding geographical regions will be the place where this war will unfold, but the whole world will be affected by this conflict of nations. The enemies of Israel will die on the mountains of Israel where satellite imagery derived from Google Earth systems reveals the Hebrew letters of the sacred and most Holy Name of YAHWEH carved into the mountains of Israel. God’s name was probably carved into the mountains by the forces of nature under His divine control. The sacred and holy mountains of Israel will to be the place where the majority of Gog’s army will be destroyed.


According to Ezekiel’s visions, God says “I shall set my glory among the nations; and all the nations will see my judgment” (Ezekiel 39:21); “the house of Israel will know that I am the Lord their God” (Ezekiel 39:22); and “I shall have poured out My Spirit on the house of Israel” (Ezekiel 39:29). These events will not only be a judgment of Israel’s enemies in keeping with Genesis 12:1-3, where God says those who bless Israel He will bless, and those who curse Israel He will curse. The events will also be the beginning of a great worldwide spiritual awakening. Although radical Islam may receive its final death blow and radical atheism and agnosticism will be completely rejected by academics and secular educators worldwide, many people will not embrace true Christianity because Satan will inspire men and women to replace orthodox Christianity with a worldwide pagan religious system (Revelation 17), which will probably be a mixture of Christianity, Islam, new age paganism, and other religions.


According to the prophecies in the Holy Scriptures, three major wars will erupt in the Middle East within the coming years. The first war involves Israel against and a coalition of Arab nations (Psalm 83 & Obadiah 1:15-21). The second war involves Israel against Russia, Iran, and a coalition of Islamic nations (Ezekiel 38 & 39). The third and final war involves Israel against the Anti-Messiah’s  massive coalition army representing many nations (Revelation 19). This is the first generation in human history where all the nations on planet earth will be able to watch the “War of Gog and Magog” unfold in front of their eyes because of the emergence of television, internet TV, and satellite technology. Bear in mind, many of Ezekiel’s visions began to be fulfilled in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and they were accelerated in 1948 and 1967, and continue to come to pass to this day. So, since Ezekiel 36 has largely been fulfilled in recent history during the lifetime of many people living today, then Ezekiel 37, 38 and 39 will also come to past probably within next few decades. When the wars described in Psalm 83, Obadiah 1:15-21, and Isaiah 17:1-14 are fulfilled, the Gog and Magog War will begin a number of years later. Thus, if the final generation of prophecy equals 70 or 100 years, all these events will occur sometime within the near future and probably sometime between 2018 and 2048 AD.


Most of the research in this article originated from the work of Joel Rosenberg. Epicenter by Joel Rosenberg; The Next World War by Dr. Grant Jeffrey; and Isralestine by Bill Salus. Unlocking the Bible Code Program; Bible Code 2000 Plus Program. Bible Code Matrix by Eliot Elwar; Torah Code Matrix by Rabbi Galzerson.




Bible Codes findings indicate that a major Arab-Israeli war may irrupt during this decade. Analysis of bible codes found in the books of Joshua and Judges reveal the Hebrew words Israel, Jerusalem, Egypt, Egyptian, Jordan, Jordanian, Assyria, Assyrian, Iraq, Iraqi, Muslim, Arab, war, missile, and atomic. The equidistant letter sequences were found in close proximity with each other indicating that the codes may not be accidental, but are real bible codes about a future war in the Middles East. The codes appear to confirm the Psalm 83 and Obadiah 1:15-21 prophecies describing a coalition of Muslim nations attacking Israel. According to a few eschatologists, this war may begin sometime during this decade.


The Psalm 83 writer and the prophet Obadiah identify a coalition of Arab and Muslim populations made up of a military confederation that has historically shared common borders with Israel. Their objective is to wipe Israel off the map, and their motivation is the Palestine reclamation. They are listed in Obadiah 1:15-21 and Psalm 83:1-12, which is a military confederation of Arab nations, populations, and organizations coming against Israel. The modern day Muslim equivalents of this Islamic coalition of nations include: the tents of Edom representing the Palestinians and Sothern Jordanians; Ishmaelites representing Saudis because Ishmael is the Father of Arabs; Moab representing the Palestinians and Central Jordanians; Gebal representing Hezbollah and Northern Lebanese; Amalek representing the Arabs of the Sinai Area; Philistia representing Hamas of the Gaza Strip; Tyre representing Hezbollah and Southern Lebonese; Assyria representing the Syrians and Northern Iraqi’s.


A study of biblical eschatology reveals that there are three wars that may soon take place in the Middle East. Each war is more destructive and becomes larger in scope, until the entire world and every nation participate in the last battle. First, the first war involves the Arab nations immediately surrounding the nation of Israel (Pslam 83, Obadiah 1:15-21, and Isaiah 17). The Bible seems to indicate that these nations will be destroyed with weapons of mass destruction. This will involve the judgment of God against militant Islam directly surrounding Israel, which is referred to as the house of Esau in several places. According to the Bible, the Islamic nations directly surrounding Israel will be destroyed in such a way that they are uninhabitable. This war will result in an impassible ring of destroyed countries to the south and east of Israel. The nations destroyed are: Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and part of Saudi Arabia. These areas of land will become totally impassible because of the use of nuclear weapons, biological weapons, and chemical weapons. The soil of these regions becomes so poisoned that nothing can live or grow there. The area of ancient Idumea (Edom) will be on fire like Kuwait was during the Gulf War of 1991.


The Torah Codes appear to indicade that Netanyahu, the current PM of Israel, will lead Israel in war against Hamas, Hezbolah, Syria, al-Qaeda, and the Muslim brotherhood. If the Torah Codes are correct, then Netanyahu may be forced to launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran to end Iran’s nuclear threat. Israel will probably use a nuclear electro-magnetic pulse weapon system over Iran before launching the Israeli Air Force to conduct surgical nuclear strikes on Iran’s nuclear weapons enrichment facilities.  Although Israel will be damaged by a coalition of Islamic forces, this war will result in a major victory for Israel. Israel will eventually sign peace treaties, which will lay the foundation for the Gog and Magog War.


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